Hair CAre

Hair ServicePricing
Add'l Color or Bleach (per 2oz extra)$5
All Over Color (Demi, Semi, Perm.)$20
Artificial Hair$5
Blow-dry Style with Brush$10
Blow-dry Marcel Style$10
Braids (each) added to style $1
Cap Highlights$20
Clari. treatment add-on $3
Deep conditioning add-on $5
Duel Foils Combined $45
Full Bleach & Color $55
Full Color & Foils Combined$50
Full Head Finger-wave Style $10
Full Head Pincurl Style$10
Hi-Lighting (12 foils or less) $22
Hi-lighting (full head)$35
Ladies Hair Cut$10
Men's Hair Cut$8
Military cut (Buzz)$5
Mustache & Beard Trim$3
Permanent Color$20
Permanent Waving$25
PermWaving (special wrap)$40
Press & Curl$10
Roller Set, Style with Shampoo $10
Scalp, Hair Treat with Mass$6
Semi-Permanent Color$20
Soft Curl Perm$45
Temporary Color (Rinse)$2
Thermal Press & Curl$10
Twists (each) added to style$1